What happens when a large corporation demands a re-brand, yet the agency they hired only supplies them with a logo and letter head? This is what happens...

UI/UX Design

Art Direction & App Development

User satisfaction based off user interaction.

Web Design


Kyle was the Graphic / Web designer for Audio46, a high end headphones superstore in Midtown Manhattan with a massive online presence. He also managed all of their social media marketing platforms.


Photo Manipulation

A series of oddly satisfying imagery from multiple locations, think; geometric landscapes.


Direction, Production & Editing

A collection of conceptually produced logos for a wide range of use.

Hand Rendered 

Painting, Illustration, Woodworking,

Multimedia hand rendered work in various forms.

About Kyle

Kyle is a pretty busy individual. From surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, to running, fishing, and being outdoors, he's always on the move. A very active and motivated designer who loves to challenge himself in order to learn new things... Heck, he's even proficient on both MAC and PC's.

For him, it all started with spray painting designs and patterns on his surfboards when he was about 14. Once his friends caught on they started paying him to paint their boards and the rest is why you're reading this today. As ambitious and driven as Kyle is, he looked at his collection of spray cans; took his handy work to the streets of New York and jumped on the local graffiti scene.

He first attended Briarcliffe College on Long Island where he received an associates degree in Graphic Design, Kyle then completed his schooling at The Art Institute of San Diego in California where he finished with a Bachelors degree.

Upon graduation he also received an award for his display in the schools annual portfolio show, an award given to only one graduate out of the entire class for their collective efforts and overall performance throughout their college career.

Ask Kyle about his diplomas and he'll more then likely inform you of the award instead.

He also doesn't limit himself to just pushing pixels; in fact, he's quite versatile. If you enjoy hand rendered art work like paintings, illustrations, and photography, then be sure to check out his Instagram account (@creationsfromkyle) or click the link below, where almost the last decade of his creative endeavors and travels are documented.

Connect With Kyle

 Email:    |    Tel:   516 . 965 . 1912

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